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Meeting Schedule
April 1, 2015 neighbourhood meeting to discuss the action plan
April 14, 2015 North York Community Council Meeting

The following motion was passed:

That North York Community Council:

1. Adopt the staff recommendations in the report (March 23, 2015) from the Director of Community Planning for North York District with Recommendation 2 being amended to include the following: "That the notice area of the community consultation meeting be extended to include, in addition to the 120 metre notice area, all land owners and residents in the area bounded by Stibbard Avenue in the north, Erskine Avenue in the south, Sherwood Park and Mount Hope Cemetery in the east and Yonge Street in the west; and that the applicant pay the city for the costs associated with extending the notice area".
May 12, 2015 - We met with Trolleybus, Freed, and the architect for this development and voiced our concerns with the proposed development. The meeting was open and respectful, and they will attempt to mitigate our concerns. We are realistic in our expectations. A follow-up meeting will occur, but at this time no date has been set. We will keep you posted.
May 14, 2015 Public meeting was to receive comments on the Midtown in Focus Report plan amendement. There were five presenters: -Anne King presented on the need for more support for seniors, for example, wider sidewalks to accommodate mobility devices. She also mentioned the need for more affordable housing. Two other presenters said that new development should have safe bike parking with change rooms and repair stands. Older building should add secure bike parking. Ben Daube (SPRA) stated that SPRA is in agreement with the mid town focus group. The area has the fastest growth in Toronto. Unfortunately it lacks adequate planning for schools, park and community services. Another presenter stated his full support for the plan but would like quick design (not sure what that is). He stated that new development outpaces the plan and excessive construction will become worse with crosstown LRT stations construction. He would like a construction committee to coordinate and a planning facility in the area. After the presentations, a discussion came about the RioCan garbage issue on Orchard View Blvd. Councillor Josh Matlow stated that the area has "Hong Kong" level of intensity and that the subway is already overcrowded. It will get worst with all the new development and the CrossTown LRT. The chair asked the city planner to report by 1Q2016 on managing future growth.
May 27, 2015 7:00 p.m. Sherwood Park Residents' Assoc. AGM at "The Sherwood" 2567 Yonge St.
June 2, 2015 7:00 p.m. Public/Community Consultation - North Toronto Collegiate Institute, 17 Broadway Ave.
Notes from the meeting
July 29, 2015 The working group met with the developer on July 29 to discuss the application. The working group consists of three neighbours abutting on the proposed development, two other residents from Keewatin Avenue, representatives from SPRA, Freed representatives (the developer and planner), and the architect. Neighbourhood concerns were discussed at a high level with particular focus on the neighbours who will be most adversely impacted by this development. The focus was on height, fit, quality of life, character of the neighbourhood, density/intensification, and privacy. We will be meeting again in September.
On Oct.6, 2015 North York Community Council and on Nov.3, 2015 Toronto City Council met and voted to adopt the city planning recommendation to refuse the application for Official Plan Amendment and oppose the Application for Zoning By-law Amendment. Read what they voted on here.
Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) prehearing was held on Feb.16, 2016 at 655 Bay Street, 16th floor, Toronto, ON M5G 1E5. The case number is PL150687. At the prehearing the Parties and Participants for the actual hearing were identified.
Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing will start Oct.17, 2016 at 655 Bay Street, 16th floor, Toronto, ON M5G 1E5. The case number is PL150687. The hearing is scheduled for five days.
Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) decision was released on March 6, 2017 Read the decision here.