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The Density Creep Neighborhood Alliance is a group of community residents who believe that stable and vibrant neighborhoods are a key component of the urban fabric for a successful and sustainable city. We are all concerned about Density Creep in our neighborhoods. As a community, we must act now against zealous and inappropriate development applications or our neighborhoods will be changed forever.

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Toronto Planning 200-214 Keewatin Avenue Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment
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The Situation:

A developer bought eight detached single family homes on Keewatin Avenue. The developer submitted applications to amend the Zoning By-law and to amend the Official Plan to demolish those houses and build an eighty unit apartment complex. on Nov.3, 2015, the Toronto City Council voted to adopt the city planning recommendation to refuse the application for Official Plan Amendment and oppose the Application for Zoning By-law Amendment. Read what they voted on here. The developer appealed the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB.) The OMB prehearing was held on Feb.16, 2016 and the hearing the week of Oct.17, 2016. The OMB decision was released on March 6, 2017 Read the decision here.

Houses to be replaced:
Summary of the OMB decision:
  • The appeal by the developer to amend the Official Plan was dismissed (page 13)
  • The Board will not approve the proposed development in principle (page 5, point [18])
  • The Board suggests an alternative (page 5, point[19]) - a single row of stacked townhouses with substantial setbacks at the front and back.
  • In the Order (page 14, part b.) - the above point is reiterated - i.e. - revisions to the plan for one row, elimination of the second row, reasonable setbacks. The revisions, reports, and by-law amendment must be done to the satisfaction of the City Solicitor.


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